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Amy Barnes Yoga

Amy Barnes Yoga
Amy Barnes Yoga
Amy Barnes Yoga
Amy Barnes Yoga

Welcome to Amy Barnes Yoga, the home of heart centered Vinyasa, Bhakti & Kundalini Tantra practices, currently located in Nashville, TN. Please be welcome at any of our wholistic yoga classes, workshops, and retreats. They are creatively designed to awaken, liberate, and unify body, mind, and spirit. We offer community kirtans; singing and dancing to live music, where everyone is participating and celebrating the joy of being fully alive.
Living Yoga: A holistic style of Yoga that is rooted in Kundalini Tantra, Bhakti, & Patanjali’s 8 limb (ashtanga) system of yoga. Our 90 minute classes often begin with relaxation and breath awareness, including pranayama practice to open and clear the inner channels, mantra & meditation. We connect and move with the natural rhythm of breath, which carries us through our asana (posture) flow and back into our final rest for integration, also called Savasana.
Practicing in this way, yoga becomes a healing, stabilizing, and uplifting experience, cultivating vibrant health & radiance, and embodying inner union of body, mind, and Spirit, on the mat and into the world. All are welcome.
“Yoga found this basic thing, that breathing is deeper than thinking. If you can change your breathing, you can change your thinking. And once you know the key- that breathing has the key -you can create any climate you want, it is up to you. It depends on the way you breathe.” ~Osho
“Yoga literally means to yoke, to unite, to go within. Yoga is a complete system, a science that was created over 5000 years ago to help us heal and connect into a state of inner wholeness. It was designed to cultivate a sense of well-being & freedom, in mind, body, and spirit. If one practices yoga, it works! Don’t take my word for it, try it; you might like it!”

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Amy Barnes Yoga Nashville , TN
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