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Back Alley Diner

Back Alley Diner front enterance

After working for, and training under Nashville's well-known restaurateur Charlie McCabe, David Olin and his brother Jacobie set out with their own business endeavor, Back Alley Diner! Using the knowledge they learned, along with some "recon" of the area, they found and created this great home-style restaurant and tavern. The result of their hard work has turned Back Alley Diner into a place where "everybody knows your name." A place where new customers and "regulars" alike can eat, drink, and enjoy being served by the B.A.D.est staff in Nashville!

David and Jacobie serve as well as manage this great restaurant everyday of the work week so come see us anytime your feeling B.A.D.!!!!!!!!!

Business Location: 
Back Alley Diner
217 Arcade Alley
37219 Nashville , TN
Phone: (615) 251-3081
Downtown Nashville
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