Kathy Wade-Yacoubian - Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Team Coach

Kathy Wade-Yacoubian - Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Team Coach


Do you wish you could find common ground with colleagues, your team, or a boss? Do you wish it were easier to navigate the politics of your workplace? Perhaps you've been told that you should be more (or less) assertive, listen better, or show 'executive presence.' Perhaps your next role requires more from you as an influencer or leader, but you aren't sure how to deliver it.

If you feel you've hit a wall, it's because your natural, go-to behaviors are no longer enough to carry you forward. It's possible that your people- or leader-talents simply haven't kept pace with your professional skills. Worst case, you may fear that your success is on the line if you aren't able to change your ways or strengthen some relationships.

In any event, you deserve better. You need the immediate relief of being heard, understood and accepted exactly as you are... and then you can move forward with a plan.

During "ROI" (Return on Investment) Coaching, you and I will -
* Assess your values, beliefs and tendencies
* Examine the mindset and motives of those you need to influence
* Decide which skills you must develop or re-calibrate, while being true to yourself
* Develop a tight action plan to learn and apply ideal behaviors.

My clients tell me they value the candid and compassionate partnership that we build, and the fact that I have their back at all times. They appreciate the structure, skills and accountability they get through ROI Coaching.Most of all, they love the victories of reaching the goals we've set.

I bring over 25 years' experience in training and management development to my coaching practice. My work as an executive and officer in a Fortune 250 company has given me insight and empathy for the complexities my clients face. I too am a work in progress. Luckily, role models and mentors have helped me along the way ... which is why I love giving back to my clients.

Feel free to reach out!

Business Location: 
Kathy Wade-Yacoubian - Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Team Coach 37205 Nashville , TN
Phone: 615-450-6623
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