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Scariest, Most Terrifying Haunted Houses in Nashville

Brave the dark night and travel to Nashville's Scariest Haunted Houses, Haunted Woods and Haunted Trails! Enter these Nashville and Middle Tennessee haunted houses at your own risk. Where are the Scariest, Most Terrifying Haunted Houses in Nashville? Our listings are updated every fall with best scary attractions for the Halloween and Fall nights. Make your plans and bring a friend to enjoy Scareville Tennessee! Enjoy the Haunted Life with Nashville Life!

Zombie Hayride and Haunted Woods at Millers Thrillers just south of Nashville

We Dare You!

Experience a spine-tingling collection of haunted houses and spooky ghost stories in Nashville and Middle Tennessee! Walk - don't run through dark haunted attractions guaranteed to terrify. Our Haunted House Guide includes both scary and family friendly Haunted Houses - check listings to see the age appropriate haunts!

Nashville Haunted House Deadland Haunted Woods

Nashville offers up some scary haunted houses each Fall including Dead Land Haunted Woods who scare you with Two Terrifying Trails ... chose your fate!

Haunted Canoe Trip - Alternate Haunted House

Rate the Most Intense Haunted House!

Everyone knows what it feels like to be really scared your heart races your palms sweat, you feel totally on edge with a heightened sense that something really bad is about to happen! Welcome to Nashville's best haunted houses. We invite all of you adrenaline rush junkies to visit each of the middle Tennessee Haunted Houses this fall and let us know which is your favorite. Grab a friend you don't want to be alone! Nashville has some of the most frightening and intense haunted houses you will experience.

Below is a complete list of Nashville and middle Tennessee Haunted Houses.

Nashville's FIRST and ONLY Airsoft Haunted House! A 29,000 square foot warehouse has been taken over by zombies. We'll provide you with the airsoft guns to wipe them out!

Nashville Airsoft
406 Davidson St.
37213 Nashville , TN
Phone: 615-837-0920

October 27th 2018 from 4pm till 8pm


Haunted Hayride Old Scream Road: Murfreesboro’s scariest hayride ever! Not Recommended for young children! Event stars at dark continues until line is gone.


Month of Sept:
Friday & Saturday: 7:00 pm to Midnight( Tickets stop selling at 11:30 pm)
Month of Oct:
Friday & Saturday 7:00 pm to Midnight (Tickets stop selling at 11:30 pm)

Ring Farm Zombie Paint Ball
2628 Greens Mill Road
38401 Columbia , TN
Phone: (615) 207-5768

Opens Sept 22nd 2017

Nashville Haunted Woods
4001 Bell Rd
37076 Hermitage , TN

Can you escape from a zombie? Imagine being trapped in a room for 60 minutes with a mad scientist! This is a must do this Halloween season in the Nashville area!

Extreme Escape Games
1735 Galleria Blvd. Suite 1015
37067 Franklin , TN
Phone: 6153325535


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Haunted Canoe Trip - Canoe the Caney

Out of Time!

Time is running out for you adrenaline junkies that search out everything scary during the fall / Halloween season. We know - the time passes way to fast, starting from the first of September to Halloween night there are not enough weekends to get all of your scare in. We do our part by listing everything in Nashville and middle Tennessee that you need to add to your 2016 Halloween Bucket List, Enjoy!
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Nashville Nightmare Haunted Houses in Nashville  has Middle Tennessee’s best and scariest Haunted Houses around
Zombie Hayride and Haunted Woods at Millers Thrillers just south of Nashville
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