Black Hawk Farms at the Richland Park Farmers Market


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Black Hawk Farms, a leading producer of hormone- and antibiotic-free American Wagyu beef, is happy to announce its first retail pop up at the Richland Park Farmers Market beginning on Saturday, August 8, then every Saturday moving forward. Previously only available on restaurant menus throughout the country (with notable chef fans including Rich Rosendale, Jose Salazar, and Annie Pettry, to name a few), the brand recently introduced its premium beef to the home chef, with a selection of American Wagyu cuts available for nationwide delivery through its online shop.

Based in Princeton, Kentucky, Black Hawk Farms believes the key to high-quality, premium beef is healthy, happy cows. They are one of the only farms in the country to utilize vertically integrated production techniques to nurture its cattle from seed-to-slaughter. Controlling the process from start to finish, they are committed to taking care of the soil and pasture, growing the grains used to finish their beef, and humanely processing the meat locally to ensure quality and freshness - all within a 25-miles radius of the farm.