Bombay Bistro

Since 2008, Bombay Bistro has paved the way for Indian and Bombay Cuisine in the Music City – Nashville. Bombay Bistro attracts the glitterati, politico’s, captains of Industry, and those seeking a fine dining experience. You are guaranteed to have a memorable journey to Mumbai – from street foods to fine dining servings.

Bombay (now know as Mumbai) brought Indians from all over the country together, making the cuisine unique to the city. The menu at Bombay Bistro reflects the cultural diversity of Bombay with influence from Parsi, Goan, Bengali, Gujarati, as well as the Portuguese, and Moguls. The dishes on the menu have been served on the table of past Mughal Emperors and spices shipped by the traders of Goa.

Like the city itself, Bombay Bistro has grown since it first opened its doors in 2008. Our mission has been the same – to bring authentic Bombay Cuisine not only to Franklin, but to Nashville – the music city of America, and its guests from all corners of the globe.

Our cocktails are handcrafted using the finest ingredients. Each creation is inspired by its culture of origin, with a slight Indian twist. Our cocktails are not only exotic but also have a unique story.

Bombay Bar is the perfect place to unwind before your dining experience or for cocktails in Bombay Style.

Business Location: 
Bombay Bistro
9040 Carothers Pkwy
37067 Franklin , TN
Phone: (615) 771-9105
South of Nashville
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