Coffee Class at Crema | Iced Coffee & Cold Brew

Coffee Class at Crema | Iced Coffee & Cold Brew

Fri, 10/13/2023 - 11:30am to 12:15pm

Iced Coffee & Cold Brew
45 minutes @ $45.00

“Ice Ice Baby” takes on a whole new meaning in this class where we talk about the science & technique behind iced coffee and cold brew. We'll answer your burning (read: freezing) questions about this hot (read: cold) topic. Taste testing will abound and you’ll walk out of this class ready to take on the warm weather armed with your new iced coffee brewing skills.

All coffee classes are listed in central time (CT) and take place in Crema's Training Lab inside their downtown location at 15 Hermitage Ave.

In addition to masterfully prepared coursework guided by our 'spro-fessors', coffee class grads receive:
- Discounts for online purchases of coffee & brewing gear
- Official 'Certificate of Coffeeness'
- 33 Cups of Coffee Journal
- Take-home coffee

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