Jolly Barnyard

Just west of Nashville is a quite little town called Ashland City. This is an area of Nashville that is bursting with natural beauty and a farm called Jolly Barnyard. Since 1997, in a quest to be self sustainable Jolly Barnyard always raised their own meat and vegetable products. Through the years becoming aware of the meat producing factories CAFO’s they got a strong desire to provide healthy, sustainable options to the community.

In 2009 Jolly Barnyard was birthed in our backyard (3 acres), in 2010 expanded to a 38 acre farm and since 2012 is operating on a 300 acre farm. The Jolly Barnyard family finds great enjoyment in providing nutritional products and a “consumer-producer” friendly environment. Visit their online store for all of the great products they produce and sell.

Business Location: 
Jolly Barnyard
3298 Sweethome Rd.
37015 Ashland City , TN
Phone: 615 746 5208
--Ashland City
Northwest of Nashville
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