Mind Body Institute

At Mind Body Institute we believe a hands-on profession requires hands-on learning experiences from the onset of your training. We limit class size to help ensure that students receive a consistent, high quality education. Our instructors present complex information in an exciting, enjoyable and understandable fashion, to meet the needs of various learning styles.

Mind Body Institute students are curious, enthusiastic about learning and committed to helping others. People who like to combine their natural affinity for touch with an ability to think artistically and logically become successful therapists. If the challenge of educating your mind and body appeals to you we would encourage you to visit our school.

Discounted Massages! Intern Clinic - Discounted Massages! HOURS: 7 days a week 9am-6pm, the last appointment is scheduled at 5pm.
In order to offer our students the opportunity to work with a larger number of people we now offer a student massage therapy intern clinic. These massages are full body firm Swedish sessions. If you would like to request a specific student we will do our best to accommodate you. When booking a massage at the student rate you will be randomly assigned the next student in rotation. You are welcome to request either male or female practitioners, specific modalities or site specific work but will automatically be assigned a professional therapist at the professional rate.

Business Location: 
Mind Body Institute
2416 Music Valley Dr
37214 Nashville , TN
Phone: 615-360-8554
--Donelson & Opryland Area
East of Nashville
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