STEM Nature's Escape

STEM Nature's Escape

Nature's Escape is a fun, interactive experience by Pharrell Williams' non-profit organization YELLOW and new bug spray brand STEM. It features a series of Instagrammable, insect-focused activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family this summer to fuel kids’ curiosity, inspire learning and scientific discovery and provide accessible learning opportunities.

Participants at Nature’s Escape will make their way through Instagrammable and engaging science-based activities like dodging and catching flying "bugs" in the "Bug Out" room, testing out their bug spray aim in the “Zap Zone” game, discovering how STEM is powered by plant-derived ingredients through the "STEM Cycle" and more! Those who complete the experience this summer will receive STEM samples and fun takeaways!

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Late every summer The Tomato Art Fest pulls a full day of activities around 5 Points in East Nashville celebrating the Tomato. The crowds grow each year with an estimated 35,000 in 2012. Plan on attending this years event.

Historic East Nashville’s Five Points
Woodland St & 11th Ave
37206 Nashville , TN