Wed, 04/17/2024 - 7:00pm to 11:00pm

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SUSU (ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME, BABY!) - The smoldering New York City outfit features firebrand female lead vocalists and songwriters Liza Colby of the Liza Colby Sound, Kia Warren of Revel In Dimes, guitarist/producer Joey Wunsch, bassist/Halloween aficionado Connor McClelland, and drummer/Queens legend Ronald Anthony Bruno of Dry Clean Only.

Imagine: hot, hawt, haute heat…but not tooo hot that you wouldn’t wanna be all up in that kitchen with it….or snuggled up by that fire…However, too hot for a wash and set to withstand, though bearable for a lace front or protective style. This is the heat radiated by this Rock n ‘ Roll wildfire that was stoked 6 years ago culminating in 2019 with SUSU’s debut EP, Panther City.

Call Susie (Valentine’s Day, 2023) SUSU’S first full length album is a genre bending, shapeshifting conversation between Warren and Colby’s formidable vocal prowess and the band’s undeniable chemistry. This 13 song narrative showcases a rich hold on the SUSU approach to sonic story-telling spanning Heart’s layered, intricate harmonies and Tina Turner’s moxie and grit.

Both Colby, Warren and this bombastic band of brothers are provocateurs of the highest order modern day Tummlers marrying variety with Rock n’ Roll to seduce, spiritualize, and slay mother, other, and father fuckers alike.

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