Vera Black Designs

Vera Black is a part Maori, Australian based singer, songwriter, designer and animal lover. Weaving her bohemian style into unique one off designs firstly began as a way to find something to wear on stage. Friends and fans have encouraged her to share her wearable art and one year ago she launched her fashion label Vera Black Designs. Due to popular demand her designs are now available online and will soon be in selected boutiques worldwide.

Vera Black Designs are a fusion of the abiding connections between culture and humanity, a celebration of the beauty of nature, the power of music, freedom of expression and the mysticism and evocation of dreams. Her work is very much connected to her tribal roots and to her work as a musician. Her unique style and world view reflect both her soulful empowering approach to music and her eclectic and unique aesthetic.

Vera’s latest collection has been inspired by her recent USA music tour, incorporating the colours and textures of New Mexico & California. She also recontextualizes the soulful bohemian atmosphere of the 60’s and 70’s by recycling period specific vintage elements into her pieces. All feathers in the pieces have been collected using humane practices.

Each one off piece has been specially designed and hand crafted with love by Vera Black herself. No two pieces are the same. Custom pieces can also be designed by Vera to reflect each individual. Consideration and design approach can factor in astrological signs & birthstones, hair length, coloring and personal tastes.

Vera Black’s designs have already been featured in magazines, fashion shoots, red carpets, weddings, feature films and music videos.

Vera Black is currently in Nashville doing what she loves most; playing and writing music. She will be carefully selecting materials for her new range in time for the Australian Summer.

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