Nashville's Best Hot Dogs

Best Hot Dog's in Nashville and Middle Tennessee

Hot Dogs sometimes get a bad wrap, but man we still love a good dog! Make mine with mustard, onions and pickles a steamed bun and a side of thick french fries. When it comes to the best hot dog restaurants they have to start with a high quality hot dog - you can really taste the difference. The method of cooking is also important grilled and steamed top our list. Finally make sure the bun is just as tasty as the hot dog.

Nashville's Best Hot Dogs

How Many Different Kinds Of Hot Dogs?

-- Cori's DogHouse Nashville
106 29th Avenue North
37203 Nashville , TN
Phone: (615) 329-9444

Cori’s DogHouse was born September 22, 2009 with the intent of
bringing the best of our childhood favorite to everyone. Owner Sean
“Sully” Sullivan’s fondest food memory was going to Woolworth’s with

Cori's Dog House
106 29th Ave N,
37204 Nashville , TN

If you would like a true East Nashville icon that is totally Nashville you have to check out I Dream Of Wennie.
There is a great Hot Dog for you with toppings that you can go wild with while enjoying our East Nashville flavor.

I Dream of Weenie
113 S 11th St,
Nashville , TN
Phone: (615) 226-2622
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