Dead Land Haunted Woods

Don't look away now you will also want to check out...The Curse, The Portal, and The Maze of Screams - dare to be scared at one or all!

The Story of The Curse Fate turns on small things—a stone slides beneath a foot, a man chooses one road over another, a tree falls across a path and sends a man in a direction he might never have otherwise gone. Two years into the Civil War, Fate led Herschel Walker, a wounded soldier on his way home from the war, past a slave market just as the auctioneer led a woman onto the auction block. Even in her slave rags, she was beautiful—lithe and strong, with smoldering eyes and a defiant tilt to her chin. The soldier’s mouth went dry. Never mind that he was a poor landowner with little money and no need of slaves. He must have her!...the story continues on the HERE

The Maze of Screams - Dead Land Haunted Woods
The Portal - Dead Land Haunted Woods
The Curse - Dead Land Haunted Woods
Dead Land Haunted Woods
Business Location: 
Dead Land Haunted Woods
7040 Murfreesboro Road
37090 Lebanon , TN
Phone: (615) 519-3116
East of Nashville
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