Hamilton Creek Mountain Bike Trails

Hamilton Creek Park is located off of Interstate 40, past the airport going east. Take exit 219 at Stewart’s Ferry Pike. This turns into Bell Road. Follow Bell Road about three miles to the park entrance noted by a US Army Corps of Engineers sign. Hamilton Creek is one of Metro Parks’ distinctive natural areas. The park contains cedar-glades, glade-like habitat, and lots of limestone that Tennessee is known for.

Taken from Long Cane Trail’s Assessment of the Improvements to Hamilton Creek’s Mountain Bike Trails:

Mountain Bikers love trail systems with an assortment of routes and multiple personalities. They like to customize their experience by linking trails together in different patterns. Hamilton Creek has a great opportunity to become a known mountain biking destination due to the experience it will give the rider. A stacked-loop trail system is recommended. This will also make optimal use of available land. The Beginner and Intermediate trails are easily accessible from the lakeside parking lot. The Beginner loop will be just over one and a half miles, while the Intermediate loop will be 3.5 miles. The two loops will allow the rider completely different experiences. The Intermediate loop will have smaller drops, up to 1 ft, on which the rider can advance their skills. The site lines to these drops will be clear. The Beginner loop will have no drop offs for the rider to negotiate. The reward for the longer Intermediate loop will be a lakeshore view and vantage point. On the back side of the Intermediate loop would be a connector to the advanced loop that would be clearly more technical and warn the rider that the advanced loop consists of this type of terrain and features. The drops would be of clear site line but larger than the Intermediate loop offered. The idea is that within the first 500 ft the rider will know if they are ready for the advanced loop. The advanced loop would be around 6 miles, while the connector is just under a mile. The idea of the stacked-loop system is that the trails that get farther from the trailhead and the core trails, become tighter and more challenging.
Directions - East Trailhead

Take I-40 east from Nashville to Stewart's Ferry Pike (exit 219).
Go south on Bell Road to Hamilton Creek Park.
Turn left and take the first right to into the beach parking lot.
Trailhead is located on the extreme right end of the parking lot.

Directions - West Trailhead

Take I-40 east from Nashville to Stewart's Ferry Pike (exit 219).
Go south on Bell Road to Hamilton Creek Park.
Turn right onto Ned Shelton Road.
take the first left.

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Hamilton Creek Park
Ned Shelton Road
37214 Nashville , TN
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