McKay, Used Books, CD's, Movies, & More

McKay Books was founded in 1978 as a “free enterprise library:” a bookstore which would contain a wide variety of books which an individual could obtain cheaply, keep as long as they wanted, and return for credit on other books in the future. The original idea remains unchanged, but the company has grown…and keeps on growing! McKay stores are now a valuable resource for scholars, casual readers, music lovers, video gamers, and movie buffs throughout the region.

Every day, thousands of newly-arrived multimedia items hit the shelves at McKay. Some of these are “classics,” while others are the most recent releases from today’s hottest directors, musicians, and game designers. You never know what you’ll find…so come take a look!

Our Guarantee

All our multimedia items are guaranteed to play. The return policy is printed on the bottom of your receipt, so hang on to it.

New Arrivals

There are special areas in the Audio Book and DVD sections for newly-arrived merchandise. The most recent incoming (but not bargain) Audio Books and DVDs are shelved here for a short time before being sorted into their categories. Our regular customers know to check these shelves each time they come in for high-demand and one-of-a-kind items.

Recent CD arrivals are displayed along the tops of the CD display racks.


McKay’s regular prices are hard to beat, but our bargain items are too good to pass up!

We maintain Bargain sections in CDs, Audio Books, and Movies. Nothing stays there for long, so check them out often.

McKay, Used Books, CD's, Movies, & More
Business Location: 
McKay, Used Books, CD's, Movies, & More
636 Old Hickory Blvd
37209 Nashville , TN
Phone: (615) 353-2595
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