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As you may know Nashville has a vibrant music scene spanning a wide variety of genres from pop and rock to soul and country music. Often referred to as the “Music City,” this town has hosted a bunch of top artists including Johnny Cash, Jimmi Hendrix, Faith Hill as well as many other well know artists over the years. With so many live acts that frequent Nashville, it’s no wonder that this city attracts over 11 million visitors every year.

However, even though Nashville has its fair share of musical talent we believe that this great American city still has plenty of room for aspiring musicians, including you. However, before you grab the microphone or guitar we suggest that you first enroll yourself in our Nashville music lessons with one of our Certified TakeLessons

The team at TakeLessons has been connecting music students with the best local music teachers since 2006. We pride ourselves on providing safe, affordable, fun music lessons to students of all ages.

Our team stands for Respect, Perseverance, Embracing an Ownership Mentality, Constant and Never-Ending Improvement and Building Stuff We’re Proud Of. We also stand for Nerf-gun wars and lunchtime jam sessions. We celebrate each other every day, for any reason, and we celebrate music as a powerful way to inspire people, no matter who they are.

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