North Pole Express Santa Excursion Train

One of our favorite holiday events happens each year at the Tennessee Central Railroad Museum the North Pole Express Santa Excursion Train is something you and your kids will love. The conductor stops by each car to read It Was The Night Before Christmas. Very sweet to see the kids gather around an listen to the story. There are a group of carolers that sing and entertain along while they travel train. Festive elves keep the kids entertained as they stop and talk to the kids. The highlight of the train ride will be when Santa and Mrs Claus visit each family individual allow you to take pictures. You can travel around the train and buy refreshments and souvenirs the trip is (or should be) a family tradition in Nashville.

Kids gather around listening to the Train Conductor reading The Night Before Christmas
Every family gets a visit from Santa and Mrs Claus - get time to get a picture
This elf is learning a parlor game with Conner as he enjoys the North Pole Express
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