Zeitgeist Gallery

Founded in 1994, Zeitgeist is a beacon of art in the Nashville community. Started by owner Janice Zeitlin in Cummins Station it has served as a cultivation ground for new artists and a safe place for established artists to experiment and grow.

Under the direction of Lain York, Zeitgeist maintains a firm place in the Nashville art scene today. Bridging the gap between collectors and creators, Zeitgeist provides a venue for world class shows in the south.
Zeitgeist spent fifteen years in Hillsboro Village and is now located in the Wedgewood/Houston neighborhood. Bordered by Greer Stadium, Fort Negley, and the fair grounds, Wedgewood/Houston is a vibrantly creative corner of the city; packed with artist studios and record studios there's a lot to check out within walking distance of the gallery.

Business Location: 
Zeitgeist Gallery
516 Hagan Street #100
37203 Nashville , TN
Phone: (615) 256-4805
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