Middle Tennessee Museum of Natural History

The Earth Experience, the Middle Tennessee Museum of Natural History, is the first natural history museum in Middle Tennessee. The museum has displays from all over the world but has a very large number of items from Tennessee. Come see our dinosaurs, fossils, gems, minerals, rocks and archaeological relics.
This is not your typical natural history museum! We have an interactive, dynamic museum where visitors will not only see ongoing research and activities they will be offered chances to participate. Visitors will see a working paleontology laboratory where they will see real dinosaur bones cleaned and repaired. A molding and casting operation will be making dinosaur displays as well as the souvenirs for sale in the gift shop. The Mid Tennessee Gem and Mineral Society offers workshops on jewelry making in the museum.
The current location for the museum is just the first step to creating one of the top Natural History Museums in the world. Current collections could already fill 5 times the present space and the collection grows almost every day. Also the museum has an active dig program and every summer collects more dinosaur bones in Montana.

Business Location: 
Middle Tennessee Museum of Natural History
816 Old Salem Rd
37129 Murfreesboro , TN
Phone: (615) 605-1417
Southeast of Nashville
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