Nashville Wedding Minister - Ralph Griggs, MTh.

My name is Ralph Griggs, and I am a life-long minister. One of the most enjoyable parts of what I do is helping couples with their wedding ceremonies - and I've now assisted hundreds of couples in Nashville and throughout middle Tennessee.

Many couples are looking for a caring minister or officiate for their wedding. They may be new to town and don't know anyone, or don't have a home church at present - or if they do, their minister is not available for their wedding. Or they just aren't church-going people right now.

They want more than a city official who may offer a vanilla matter-of-fact ceremony, and they want to know that they have a real minister.

This is an exciting time for you with many details to decide! Choosing your ceremony officiate is one of the more important ones.

Nashville Wedding Minister
Nashville Wedding Minister
Nashville Wedding Minister
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Nashville , TN
Phone: (615) 500-5747
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